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Delaney Partners’ Law Prize 2014

The second annual Delaney Partners’ Law Prize Award for Civil Procedure & Practice II was recently conferred at The Bahamas’s Eugene Dupuch Law School graduation ceremony. This year’s award went jointly to Dorothy Hilton and Anastacia Hepburn, both of whom are now newly admitted to The Bahamas Bar.

The firm of Delaney Partners congratulates Attorneys Hilton and Hepburn for their outstanding law school performances and wishes them every success in their careers.

DP Attorney Pamela Klonaris, Awardee Dorothy Hilton, DP Senior Partner John Delaney QC, Awardee Anastacia Hepburn, DP Attorney Samantha Knowles-Pratt, DP Attorney Carol Misiewicz.

Delaney Partners Law Prize Civil Procedure Practice 5 Nov 2014



© Delaney Partners. Published November 11 2014

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